13 facts of Lync 2013

13 facts of Lync 2013 :

1- office web apps server can be configured to use one URL for internal and external farm , for example “WAC.domain.com” assigned to one public certificate

2-When you migrate from OCS or lync 2010 to lync 2013 you cant install Lync database on same SQL server the have instances host Old OCS or lync 2010 users database. You have to define separated new SQL server with new instance.

3-Lync edge server recommended to be deployed with 3 IP addresses , For edge services:
Access Edge , Web conference and Audio Video ,why? Because all these services will use standard secured port 443 .”user friendly ” firewall configuration as most of Organization allowed port 443 , but when you use ; one IP address with one FQDN like “sip.domain.com” in that case you have to configure edge topology with customized ports Like:
Access Edge 5061 , Web conference 444 , Audio Video conference 443 . And most of network/security expert doesn’t open these ports and always they refuse that , even your network configuration allow that open but the other party you may conference with will not allow these ports.

4-Lync mobile 2013 can make A voice or video over WiFi or 3G, I tried login from Ipad with Lync 2013 client connected to 3 G and am able to landing to my office number and make PSTN call .

5-Lync client will give error “can’t connect to exchange web server ” and this happen if :
– Exchange EWS URLs not configured.
– Auto discover public SRV or A records not created

6-Lync 2013 client will be installed side by side with other old OC or Lync client.

7-Wild card certificate will work with Lync 2013 but it’s not recommended .

8- Lync full deployment will need UCC or SAN public certificate with 8 DNS names.
9- Lync Edge Interfaces recommended to be configured without Gateway or DNS and static route should be added to reach Lync servers and Lync front end pool and servers should be defined in the edge servers host file.

10-Lync UC solution is like no other system. ( AD and Microsoft server integration , No VPN for any external client connectivity , No License for each end point , same user interface on all end points, interoperability where Lync 2013 can integrate with most of all other vendors and also it can be work as a trunk for many IP PBX or gateways , you are linked and synced all the time , “Lync”.

11-Lync 2013 mobile client doesn’t need push notification configuration.

12-Hardware load balancer is required for load balancing web traffic on front end servers and for Lync edge servers you can’t mix the load balances between internal and external interface , both should be hardware load balancer or DNS load balancing.

13-Lync 2013 client around 750 mb so you have to plan for it on all client using distribution point or application like system center configuration manager to create a package using OCT (office customization tool) with customizing sub folder on source DVD not root installation directory.

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